I have various books for hobbyist and professional references. I chopped some of the titles. They are catagorized, however often books live in more than one realm. Electronics Edition Author Year Media The Art of Electonics third Horowitz/Hill 2015 phys. Switch-Mode Power Supplies second Basso 2014 phys. Practical Electronics for Inventors third Scherz/Monk 2013 phys. RF Circuit Design second Bowick 2008 phys.


A personal reference and reminder to my interactions with Linux, Fedora, Web Services, and etc. I will keep this post updated and possibly will be useful to others. Linux Fedora Text editor Sublime Text 3 I like sublime text as a text editor. I used notepad++ quite a bit when working on Windows, however I like that sublime text is available on Windows/Unix/Mac. No matter where I am working in the future, I do not have to learn a new text editor.