Code Snippets

Straight up code from my repository.

  1. Calculate Leap year.
  2. Calculated time from Epoch.
  3. Correct for time for leap seconds in the past only.
  4. Best way to parse data in large data packets 300+ bits.
  5. Data whitening
  6. weighted and exponential moving average.
  7. day or night?
  8. How to keep time in the background with near zero drift (+/- 15 seconds/month).
  9. Finite state machine including time as input.  (much trickier than you would ever want to deal with, sadly I did.)
  10. From Lat/Long + Date calculate sunrise, sunset,  with varying flexibility of what the definition of sunrise and sunset is defined as.
  11. DSP straight up, load sharing (might have lost this code)